The Zero-Sugar Energy Drink Alternative

Energy Drinks have never been more expensive. Loaded with sugar, they hit your wallet and your waistline. StrikeGum offers the caffeine kick of top energy drinks with zero sugar. Plus, with Alpha GPC, enjoy a mental clarity boost without the crash. Switch to StrikeGum – the smarter, leaner energy choice. Order now and energize smarter!

  • "This gum really works too. Keep me energized, and there is no after effect,, no weird, taste or weird chemicals that come from energy drinks overall a great product that I recommend to everybody."

    -John M.

  • "Awesome product! Absolutely works as advertised! After sleeping 4 hours waking up at 2am to take the family to the airport then working till 3pm one piece at lunch time had me going the rest of the day. 10/10 will buy again"

    -Ricky F.

  • "It is very strong and packs a punch! Good job better than an energy drink!"

    Mich K.

Veteran Owned & Athlete Tested

"When I was deployed to Afghanistan, I used sugary energy drinks for a caffeine boost on long patrols, but the cans were bulky, and the sugar and carbonation were tough on an empty stomach. And don't get me started on how bad a warm energy drink tastes. So I created StrikeGum. Its portable, sugar free, and gives you the same surge of caffeine as an energy drink for fraction of the cost."

-Paul, Founder

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